When it rains…it pours

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in General
When it rains…it pours

Weather. One of life’s uncontrollable elements and a brides biggest nightmare.

I checked the weather forecast hourly in the run up to my wedding, and it wasn’t good. I could have just looked out the window to see the snow, in March, yes March!! But alas, I still kept clicking refresh on the BBC Weather page. I was one of the lucky ones though, and despite it snowing in London, and ten of our guests getting stuck on the airport runway while the snow was cleared, the sun shone in Guernsey and our wedding was perfect.

But for those who don’t get a forecast of brilliant sunshine and the rain comes down… What would I say to them? Embrace it! Some of the most romantic pictures I have seen have been of couples snuggled under a brolly. I have been to many a wedding where when its rained it has poured and they have been some of the funnest parties.

Besides, you can’t control the weather, so why waste energy stressing about it?