What To Do With Flowers Post Wedding

Posted by on Apr 2, 2015 in General
What To Do With Flowers Post Wedding

Flowers. They are a huge part of the wedding and often come at a big cost.

It’s not just the money though; the time you put into searching which flowers you want, picking the colours, picking the variety, choosing what to put them in. Flowers are a big deal and after the day is over, what happens to them?

Well here are some ideas to give your wedding flowers a new lease of life:

1. The obvious choice, give them to friends and family to enjoy
2. Take cuttings of the flowers and plant them so you can enjoy your wedding flowers year after year.
3. My personal favourite, and the one I opted for post wedding. Donated your flowers to a care home so the elderly and unwell can enjoy a beautiful delivery of hundreds of stunning blooms.



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