The ‘do’s and don’ts’ of getting married

Posted by on Jan 30, 2015 in General
The ‘do’s and don’ts’ of getting married

Wedding etiquette. It can be a total nightmare! I mean, who cares what side the groom’s family sit and what order you have to word the invite!? Well, actually I’m sorry to break it to you, quite a lot of people do care and it is really rather important.

But it doesn’t always have to be stringent and stressful. Sometimes it’s fun to break the rules (see pictures).

But here are the rules I suggest you should follow:

1. Don’t include anyone in the hen party/stag party unless they are invited to the wedding.
2. There should be enough Ushers to help your guests. The general rule is one Usher for every 50 guests.
3. Send out Save the Dates… We all know how busy life can get so if you want your guests to attend, give them good warning of the date.
4. Don’t feel obligated to invite certain people to your dress fitting/shopping. This moment is very personal to you and should be shared with the people you chose to share it with.
5. Do plan a first dance. This is a highlight for so many guests even if the thought does make you run for the door. Remember it doesn’t have to include a routine!
6. Think carefully about your seating plan. Seat people who’s personalities and interests will compliment each other rather than ‘those people are all single’.
7. Men should wear their buttonholes on the left lapel of their suits.
8. Give your wedding party gifts. It’s your chance to thank them for their efforts in helping you and putting up with you (if your a bit of a bridezilla).
9. The top table should follow tradition based on your family set up. It’s easy enough to figure out with the help of google.
10. My most important rule. Do what YOU want. This is yours and your partners day, and your happiness is the most important thing. So if it doesn’t suit you, don’t do it!