Idea of the Week

Posted by on Feb 13, 2014 in General
Idea of the Week

What springs to mind when you think of balloons? Bright colours? Children’s parties? Dare I say it, but the word, ‘tacky’?

I thought the same, there’s no place for balloons at a wedding, but I stand to be corrected. These aren’t any ordinary balloons though.

It’s a simple transformation and one you can easily do at home.

Tulle is the secret here, and what a secret it is, the idea is quite simply to wrap your balloons in tulle leaving it bunched at the bottom so you can finish off the look with a small bunch of flowers or a bow.

The great thing about this DIY decoration is that you are in charge of the colours, if you have a dusty pink colour scheme or iced blue is more your thing, you don’t need to be restricted. Tulle comes in a raft of colours and as you know, so do balloons.

You can buy them here or get crafty and do it yourself.

You’ll never look at balloons the same way!