Traditional or Alternative Wedding Cake?

The traditional order of ‘cutting the cake’ is to follow the speeches, when everyone’s eyes are on the couple. However, nowadays, catering staff often encourage couples to cut the cake before the speeches so that they can take it away and prepare it to be served with the coffee.

The classic wedding cake is a rich fruit mixture, made into three tiers, and covered with marzipan and white royal icing. Fruit cakes keep well and couples often follow the custom of preserving the top tier for the christening of their first child.

It’s a nice idea to send small pieces of cake to people who cannot attend the wedding.

Alternative Ideas for Wedding Cake Include…

If you want an iced cake, the cake itself must be fairly firm. Try chocolate, lemon, coffee or carrot cake, or plain Madeira.

French croquembouche, a spectacular pyramid of cream filled choux-pastry buns topped with caramel or spun sugar. If you want one, find an expert to make it as croquembouche is difficult to make and has to be served very fresh.

Try using tiered cake stands for different desserts such as ice-cream cake, pavlova, cheesecake, banoffi pie.

A miniature wedding cake for each guest is a nice touch for small weddings, or individual sponges served with a fruit coulis, crème anglaise or chocolate sauce.
Individual cupcakes or tarts, topped with icing, crystallized flowers or berries.

Have a novelty cake. A cake made to look like a pile of wedding present for example, a giant heart or bow, or an open book of love poetry.

Hire a Chocolate Fountain.