If you decide to change your name through marriage, there are numerous organisations and companies that need to be advised. Use our useful check list to make sure you’ve got them all covered.

You will need to advise each company in writing that you’ve changed your name. Most companies and organisations will accept a photocopy of your marriage certificate, except for your bank and building society, who will need to see the original. We’ve included a sample letter below.

Here are a list of companies and organisations that you may need to advise…

Your Employer
Income Tax
Social Security
Your Doctor
Your Dentist
DVLC – Driving Licence
Passport Office (see below)
Your Bank
Building Society (mortgage and/or savings accounts)
Credit Card and Store Charge-Card Companies
Finance/Loan Companies
Premium Bond Office
Investment Companies
Any Companies that you have Shares in
Pension Company
Insurance Companies (e.g. motor, medical, life, property, property contents etc)
Mail-Order Catalogue Companies
Professional Institutes and Bodies
Clubs, Societies and Associations
Internet Service Provider (if your e-mail address incorporates your old name, you may wish to change your e-mail address)
Change your name on your Passport

Please be aware that you are no longer able to amend the name on your passport prior to your wedding day. The Passport Office requires your marriage certificate to make amendments to the name detailed within your passport.

Some countries may accept an unamended passport if you carry your marriage certificate, HOWEVER this is strongly advised against as it is possible that you may refused entry – the last thing you want to happen on your honeymoon! It is highly recommended that you travel in the same name on all your travel documents as your passport.

You will need to apply for a new standard 10-year passport by completing Form A available from the Passport Office and sending all relevant documentation including your marriage certificate. Payment for a new passport is £72. The Guernsey Passport office also offer a fast track service of 2 working days which costs an additional £35.

In Guernsey

The Passport Office
New Jetty
White Rock
St Peter Port

Telephone: 741410
Fax: 723442
E-mail: enquiries@nationality.gov.gg

Office hours: Monday – Friday
0845hrs – 1500hrs

In Alderney

The States Office
Island Hall
Connaught Square

Telephone: 822811

In Sark

The Sark Greffe Office
La Chasse Marais

Telephone: 832012
Fax: 832622